Dvora Harell Forensic document examiner

Ms. Dvora Harell is a leading Israeli Graphologist, served as Chairwoman of the Scientific Graphological Society in Israel & handwriting expert. specializing in scientific examination of documents and handwriting. Her 30 years of expertise, and a lab equipped to carry out state-of-the-arts forensic handwriting examinations, enable her to perform reliable tests and valid conclusions, regarding detection of forged signatures, handwriting and spurious documents.

Ms. Harell is an experienced presenter of expert testimonies in courts of law. During her long career, she has been given commissions on behalf of Israeli courts, lawyers, banks, insurance companies and many other private and public institutions. And was involved in some of Israel’s most high profile cases, and some of which are, still,confidential.

Ms. Harell carries out examinations of handwriting and signatures In various languages such as in Hebrew, Arabic, English, Russian, Spanish and other western languages; 

She renders her services to worldwide companies, collaborating with expert colleagues from all parts of the world.

Dvora Harell - Forensic document examiner

Rich and experienced psychological background -
Sophisticated testing methods
Well-reasoned and in-depth forensic expert opinions
Graphological reports for employment purposes
Highly recommended expert
Eloquent and convincing court testimonies

handwriting expert


Reliable tests and valid conclusions

24-hours (5)

Availability 24/7


Courteous and professional service

teamwork (1)

The customer is always at the center


Rich experience in graphology

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